Heaven Adores You – Elliott Smith Documentary Will Soon Be Released

I can spend all day talking about Elliott Smith, but I’ve done that on this thing numerous times. So instead, I’ll just cut to the chase. Back in 2011, a Kickstarter appeared from a director by the name of Nickolas Rossi. His goal was to make a film about Elliott Smith that concentrated more on his prolific output and ability to write songs that won everyone over more so than the tragedies of his life that most people really concentrate on. After 3 years, the project has finally been fully funded and is set to premiere at the San Francisco Film Festival on May 5th. Because Rossi made it explicitly clear that he didn’t want to make another sad sack film about Elliott, friends and family of Smith allowed him to not only interview them, but also, use unreleased songs and footage of the singer for the film. It’s very rare that this type of thing happens, so I’m sure the result will be great. The trailer is available for a watch below. You can check out the official Facebook page HERE as well.

Also, I’m throwing this one because I’ve been listening to it a lot and it’s relevant. “See You in Heaven” is an instrumental track by Smith. It’s instrumental because he died before he could put words to it. I can only imagine how great it would have been if he finished it, but the product we’re left with is still very good; it’s got Smith’s sound to it – equally melancholy and uplifting at the same time. Damn, this dude knew how to write songs. Give it a listen for yourself.

See You In Heaven –  Elliott Smith

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