Are Death From Above 1979 About To Drop Their New Record?

Since they’ve been doing the reunion ordeal for about 3 years now and with sparse to zilch detail on them recording new songs, the idea of Canadian drum-and-bass duo Death From Above 1979 releasing new material in 2014 seemed like a pipe dream. I mean, new songs have been dropped here or there at the various reunion shows they’ve played, but most of those are shitty quality because it’s hard to capture good quality recordings of a duo band like that, unless it’s professionally done. Also, it’s been 10 years since their banger of a first record You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine came out, so you would think that timing would coincide perfectly for that, right? Well, it looks like they think so too. While no official song has been dropped, their newly formatted website appears with a new logo as well as a new synth loop that plays on repeat. I know, it’s all just speculation at this point, but considering this is really the only new recorded piece of music we’ve heard from this band in almost a decade (and don’t give me that shit about that remix album – even if I counted that shit as “new,” the fucking thing was so atrocious, I think it might have helped break up the band), I think it’s something solid.

Holy shit, did I just rant! Sorry, coffee’s flowing through me so I need to exorcise my thoughts. Anyways, you can check out the new site right HERE. Also, check out a decent-sounding live cut of a new song from Wakestock 2013 (whatever the fuck that is, there’s too many festivals nowadays) as well as one of my old favorites of theirs.

? – Death From Above 1979

Do It! – Death From Above 1979


2 Responses to “Are Death From Above 1979 About To Drop Their New Record?”
  1. wmdrums says:

    haha, I honestly got super stoked like 3 years ago and forgot about it probably 6 months later? This is the first I’ve heard mention of them since the whole “reunion” bit. Good write up, I feel the same way. I’ll believe it when I see it and hopefully all signs point to YES!

    • Jordan Canio says:

      yeah, for real. I had been hearing rumors for a good bit that it was done since last November, but I haven’t heard shit from them otherwise. I thought they were just going to cash in on the reunion tour and fade out, but apparently they’re still at work.
      Also on the bright side, this might mean no more MSTRKRFT albums. Everybody wins.

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