Gateway Drugs Beef With Frances Bean Cobain, Drop New Track “Los Angeles Will Have Its Revenge on Frances Bean”

One of the bands I’ve been more excited about lately would have to be Gateway Drugs.  The self-described “drug pop” band has more than a few impressive demos floating around and an LP is said to be in the works with Buddyhead putting the fucker out sooner than later. If you missed out on the demos I posted earlier, you can give them a listen over HERE. In the mean time, the band keeps creating rad tunes. They just posted a new one that is too good not to mention. The track is called “Los Angeles Will Have Its Revenge on Frances Bean.” If you’re wondering what the band has against the offspring of Kurt Cobain, it might have something to do with Frances’s fiance, Isaiah Silva. Buddyhead has the full story HERE, but the skinny is this: Isaiah is apparently trying to rip off Gateway Drugs’s name for his own band, and let’s just say the original band isn’t taking this lying down.

Honestly, it’s pretty disappointing that the Bean would let this happen, but then again, Kurt did originally rip off Nirvana’s name from some band in the UK. So does it run in the family? Probably, but at least Kurt paid the other band via a settlement. Frances, we know you got the money and you’ve been caught in the act. Either write these dudes a hefty check (look at it as a double investment – the money you give to these dudes for their pain and suffering/to make more rad tunes is also money that doesn’t have the chance to be turned into drug money by your attention-whoring mom) or tell your wannabe fiance to piss off.

All that aside, the track is killer and you should give it a listen below. The single will be out on Buddyhead Records on May 7th.

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