PREMIERE: The Gorlons Drop Video For “I Really Don’t Like Me Too”, Hit Nashville May 17th

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 4.40.45 PMIf you missed my review of the Gorlons’ self-titled debut, I’ll sum it up for all of you who are not big readers: it’s pretty killer. The term “psych rock” nowadays has been fucked up worse than a pederass in jail, but these guys are separate from the rest in that they seem genuine and have this rare thing called TALENT. Case in point, their song “I Really Don’t Like Me Too,” which the band recently  made a video for.

The song itself always sounded a bit to me like a carnival gone awry. Directed by Drew Mittman and filmed at the band’s show at College Street Bar & Arcade, the video plays off this vibe; it jumps between the band’s ripping performance, to shots of neon-pixelated screens of various arcade games, to shots of the crowd getting down to the confusion. Yeah, it’s a different kind of carnival, but the ride is still pretty fun. Just be sure to keep your arms inside the cart, kids. We all know what happened to that one kid…

The band is set to make their live Nashville debut here on May 17th at Atomic Sweater Records. Yeah, I have no idea where that is, but the address is located on the Facebook event page right HERE. RSVP that shit, come down and buy the band (and me, if you’re so inclined) a beer.

The video is below and for the sake of getting two birds stoned at once, I’ve also included a rip of their latest self-titled debut if you haven’t heard that yet. Have at it!

I Really Don’t Like Me Too – the Gorlons

The Gorlons (Full Album) – the Gorlons

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