Bonfire Beach Drop Cool Video For “Spit U Out”

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 1.24.07 PMOne of my favorite records I’ve heard in the last year has got to be Bonfire Beach’s self-titled debut. Between Dexy’s sultry vocals and the mind-bending guitar sounds that can produce heat waves or tremors, it was one of those great albums that made me wish I could really be in Los Angeles. Seriously, why haven’t more people heard this record? It’s better than that HAIM flavor of the month shit because it has two things bands like that don’t have: talent and lasting power.

Recently, the band has announced the release of their latest single and the opening track of the record, “Spit U Out,” out on Manimal Vinyl yesterday. To highlight this, they’ve released a video for the single. Filmed and edited by Dexy herself, what more can I say except that it’s a fun one. Check it out below. Like I said, the single is out on Manimal Vinyl, but the whole ordeal is available on iTunes via Buddyhead. Check that shit out.

Spit U Out – Bonfire Beach

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