Mom And Dad Got Back Together, Release New Song Called “Fuck”

After tapering out over the last few years, it looks like one of the few decent bands/things to come out of Murfreesboro, Mom and Dad, are back together yet again. In a statement released less than an hour ago, the band had this to say:

Trapped in crystal awaiting the thaw in our deeply secluded cave. We reached out only being able to paw at the dungeon’s gate, leaving only for groceries. Praying to newly appointed gods, reptilian in being but also kinda insecure, heady really. Gas prices shackled our callused feet while FB updates fastened our weakened finger tips to diamond screens.
One day we saw an emerald gaze peering through the lush greenery and utility bills.
Burning its high-fructose layers, the lens of peace and kindness became a beacon of inner strength, tearing away months of binge-watching that had our hopes hypnotized with 1,000 Ways to Die.


For the peace of washing my car, mowing my yard, running, jumping and photo-shoping gives me, us, deep inner OM.
As an extension of that OM we, Mom & Dad, take the baton of art and the cigel’ of expression with gratitude and have decided to use both as tools.
We are alive at the same time, SO, let’s enjoy it ;)))

Yeah, I have no idea what the fuck that means either, but at least the band is back in action. To further commemorate their re-coupling, the band has released a new song called, “Fuck.” Recorded on Ardee Ave at Monster Island in East Nashville, the song is the kind of dirty pop that made me dig the band in the first place. Check it out below.

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