Twin Peaks Play Mercy Lounge Tonight

I mentioned this the last time I wrote these dudes up, but I figured I’d give ya another heads up cause…well, I know how it is. Kids these days are so preoccupied with their own needless shit and with their attention spans dwindling faster than their IQ points, it helps to have more than one reminder, doesn’t it? With that in mind, here’s your reminder: Twin Peaks is playing the Mercy Lounge tonight with that band called Eagulls. I can’t vouch for the latter because I haven’t had the time to give them a listen, but I can definitely vouch for Twin Peaks. But for some reason, if my own word isn’t good enough, well, a. fuck you, and b. give their latest single “Flavor,” a listen below. It’s all bright and happy and shit; but in all seriousness, it’s one of those songs that’s got that happy-go-lucky vibe to it that doesn’t feel like a self parody cause it’s actually a great song (which you can buy it directly from Jeffery Drag Records HERE). So much so that I can’t wait to chug a beer and hear it tonight at the Mercy Lounge. I suggest you do the same. Tickets are available HERE. Their new album, Wild Onion, is due out on August 8th via Grand Jury.

Oh yeah, one more thing. If you dig the single, they’re giving away their mini-LP from last year called “Sunken” away for free for one week only. It’s good shit, kids. Download it HERE.

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