Bass Drum of Death Announce New Album, Coming to Nashville in September

Mississippi riff machine John Barrett is known for his dirty but catchy riffs that he puts out under the name Bass Drum of Death. While this is pretty much his trademark, it seems that he’s shifting from the laptop to an actual studio for his upcoming record, Rip This. Due out October 7th via Innovative Leisure, Barrett seems to be cleaning up his shit as showcased by the new track, “Left For Dead.”

Maybe it’s because I’m still listening to his record from last year, but I miss the dirtiness. I don’t want to pigeon-hole him because it’s not that the song’s bad, but it’s just not great. Of course, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until I hear the whole thing, but hopefully there’s some more rippers on there than this.

As expected, he’s hitting the road soon and he’ll be stopping in to Nashville. He’s playing the Basement (which I’ve recently realized is the best sounding venue in Nashville) on September 4th and I’m sure it’ll be a shit kicker as always. Peep the additional tour dates below and since this seems like the right spot, my favorite track of his from the last record.

White Fright – Bass Drum of Death

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