Fat Possum Reissued Rowland S Howard’s “Pop Crimes”

I’ve gone on and on about Rowland S Howard, the former guitarist for the Birthday Party, Crime and City Solution and an impressive yet short solo career. If you haven’t watched the documentary, Autolumiscent, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Anyways, Fat Possum has recently reissued Howard’s second and final solo album, Pop Crimes, on August 5th. If Im being perfectly honest, I would have preferred it if they had re-released Teenage Snuff Film instead, but obviously, I don’t get to call those shots (yet). Either way, Pop Crimes is an impressive album and a bittersweet reminder of how talented Howard was and that this really was his swan song (he died a few months after its release).

For our listening pleasure, Fat Possum has posted the title track from the album and it’s one of my favorite cuts of his. Howard’s pessmistic lyrics about the Catholic Church, genocide, and snakes drip with a little extra contempt while his guitar sounds give a sense of something even more sinister coming this way. Finally, how fucking cool is that bass line? It makes people want to smoke cigarettes and drink whiskey with no chaser. Okay, enough fanboying for now. Give it a listen and pick the reissue (or pick up two and send me one).

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