The Genius of Komeda – Komeda

This is by no means new, but since I’ve been listening to this record a lot lately, it’s worth mentioning. Komeda are a Swedish indie band that put out a phenomenal record called The Genuis of Komeda in 1996. Other than that, I haven’t really researched their history too much, because I’ve been too entrenched in this record to really give a shit about the minor details.

One thing I’ve noticed about European bands is that they’re better at writing pop songs on guitars than Americans are. Komeda is no exception to this. From the intoxicating melodies on “More is More,” to the shuffling of “Boogie Woogie – Rock N Roll,” to the song “Top Star” that will (excuse the pun, but there’s not other way to describe it really) put stars in your eyes, Komeda might be getting high on their own genius, but so will you. It’s a win-win and definitely a record worth owning. If you need more persuasion, check out my three favorite tracks below and get smart. Then find a way to cop a copy of it and experience the beauty of the whole thing.

More is More – Komeda

Disko – Komeda

Frolic – Komeda

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