Pink Mountaintops Release Video for “New Teenage Mutilation”

Pink-Mountaintops-by-Julie-PattersonPink Mountaintops are still riding on the release of this year’s phenomenal LP Get Back. With a tour of the UK and Europe (isn’t it weird how we always have to distinguish the two?) and an extensive US tour with the Icarus Line possibly in the works, the band is full steaming it ahead with more music videos. I must have been asleep when they released the one for “Second Summer of Love,” but I’m awake for this one. The video for  the Tom Petty-sounding “New Teenage Mutilation” is directed by the band frequent collaborator/Giant Drag front woman Annie Hardy on a tour the two bands went on. It’s one of those tour montage videos, but it’s still interesting to watch. And there’s also the small fact that the music is great, so that helps too.

I’ve posted those two below for you listening pleasure, but I’m also including a badass demo “Through All the Worry” that the band recently released. It’s tits. Check them out.

New Teenage Mutilation – Pink Mountaintops

Second Summer of Love – Pink Mountaintops

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