White Fence Drop Their First Music Video Ever

Honestly, I’ve never dug more than a handful of this dude’s songs. I know it’s not exactly kosher to compare active bands nowadays, but I’ve always thought in the Ty Segall vs. Tim Presley fight, Ty comes out swinging and gets more hits in. Not that Presley is untalented because he held his own on that Hair LP and his other band, Darker My Love, is fucking killer. It’s just that White Fence hasn’t been my favorite outlet of his and unless I’m seeing the band live, I lose interest pretty quickly in the music itself. However, they recently put out their first official music video for the tune, “Like That” and I’ve found it entertaining enough to pass it along.

The video tries to evoke a sense of campiness while Presley goes through one of the worst experiences one can go through in America: prison. I won’t spoil too much of the video, but let’s just say he doesn’t make it out in one piece. See for yourself below.  The new album, For the Recently Found Innocent, is out now via Drag City. Or you could just cut the shit and buy Ty Segall’s much better LP Manipulator but that’s up to you.

Like That – White Fence

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