Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Drop “Give Us a Kiss”

Nick Cave is one of my favorite musicians and if he isn’t one of yours, you’re fucking up.  Seriously, is there anything homeboy can’t do? Write killer screenplays? Check! Write sleazy rock n roll in his 50’s and pull it off? Check! Be a magnetic performer? Check! Shit, if he really lost his mind and decided to put out a techno album, I’m sure that shit would still be good in some way.

If you haven’t heard, there is a psuedo-documentary about the man coming out this month. 20,000 Days on Earth is a semi-fictional account of a day in the life of the prolific artist. From what I’ve heard, it helps get a deep look into his process while also, building the myth behind his ethos. It comes out on September 19th, but us Nick Cave fans in Nashville will have to wait til October when the Belcourt gets it. Anyways, in lieu of the film’s release, Cave and the boys have dropped a new track on us, titled “Give Us a Kiss.” The song is a leftover from the Push the Sky Away sessions and is just as hauntingly beautiful as the rest of the tracks on that album. Futhermore, the band has included a live version of “Jubilee Street” as a b-side to this single that’s due out in November. If you thought the original version of this song was spellbinding, live….its intensity is out of this fucking world. Listen to both below, along with the trailer for 20,000 Days on Earth as well.

Give Us a Kiss – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Jubilee Street (Live at the Sydney Opera House) – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

20,000 Days on Earth Trailer

One Response to “Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Drop “Give Us a Kiss””
  1. crankypants says:

    it’s me again, here to make you jealous that I just procured a ticket to see the movie (which I saw in August in Philly 2 days after the concert) a live solo performance, and Q&A in NYC on the 20th of Sept. My Summer of Nick is in Indian Summer. The movie is good. I think Warren Ellis is the gem in it though (if you can understand that accent through that beard). Anyway, I will be interested to read your review of the movie. I liked that it’s not a true biography, I never really want to know too much about certain people. At least not while they are still kicking.

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