Black Rivers Make One Hell of a Debut With “The Ship”

This one comes at the recommendation from the Chief himself, Noel Gallagher. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can make fun of my fanboy shit later (and I’ll rightfully defend the Oasis songwriter to the death), but now’s the time for listening, kids. Today, I was exposed to a band called Black Rivers. Who are they? I have no real fucking idea. Apparently it’s some English geezers named Jez and Andy Williams from some band called Doves. They don’t have much else about them out there, and apparently, this is the only song they’ve released thus far. However, what a fucking introduction it is!  “The Ship” starts off as a slow burning song that picks up momentum with the help of their intoxicating synth lines and shuffling beats. I could go on describing it, but that would be boring, wouldn’t it? The best way to really get it is just to watch the gorgeous video they put out for the song below. Give it a watch, subscribe to their Facebook page HERE, and then let’s wait to see what else this band has up their sleeves. If it’s anything like their intro, it should be killer.

The Ship – Black Rivers


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