Ty Segall Drops Video for “Manipulator,” Plays Mercy Lounge Tonight

Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 10.54.29 AMYou’ve undoubtably heard the buzz about Ty Segall’s new LP, Manipulator. Hell, he could probably puke in a bag and that would probably get a decent buzz as well amongst the kids who are still strung out on that garage rock schtick. While that made me less than excited to hear the new album, hearing that Ty actually took his time (18 months to be exact) on this one made me want to see how it turned out. The results speak for themselves; out of all the records that he has put out in the past five years (including the ones with Fuzz and the Ty Segall Band), this one might just be my favorite one since he did Hair with White Fence. It’s loaded with bangers and crashers, uppers and downers, and is solid through and through. If you haven’t picked it up/downloaded it, I recommend you do so ASAP.

Back to the news story, Ty is in fact in town tonight performing material from the album at Mercy Lounge. To coincide with this, he’s also dropped an interactive video for the album’s eponymous single. Directed by Matt Yoka, the video is a collage type of ordeal that’s a lot of fun to fuck around with if you have the time. Or you can just watch the director’s playthrough below, which is almost equally impressive. Give it the interactive video a run through right HERE. Otherwise, come see what Ty’s got up his sleeve tonight at Mercy Lounge. Tickets are still available HERE.

Manipulator (Director’s Playthrough) – Ty Segall

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