Death From Above 1979 Destroyed Letterman Last Night

Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 9.36.39 AMYou’ve probably heard by now that Death From Above 1979 are back in full swing and that their newest album, The Physical World, came out Tuesday. Since it’s their first album in a decade (if you don’t count that shitty remix album that came out in 2005, which for the better of humanity, it seems everyone else has), I was curious to see how it’d turn out. Could they capture the abrasive pop energy that made You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine so fucking good? I finally got around to listening to it on a long car ride home. My thoughts? While it’s not as good as their last, it’s definitely a great addition to their sparse discography and shows that this reunion isn’t about just getting their overdue dues – it’s about getting back to making killer records.

Now, last night, the band stopped in on David Letterman to perform the single “Trainwreck 1979.” With the help of Letterman’s house band, they pulverized the fucker on national TV! Give it a watch below. The band is due to play Marathon Music Works on November 4th. I don’t know if I can make it, but I’m sure as hell gonna try. Watch the performance below along with a few of my favorite tracks from the new LP.

Trainwreck 1979 (live on Letterman) – Death From Above 1979

White is Red – Death From Above 1979

Always On – Death From Above 1979


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