King Tuff Drops “Black Moon Spell”

I’ve been a casual fan of King Tuff’s since 2011, but I couldn’t get into his latest album. Even now, I can’t put my finger on exactly why I wasn’t digging his 2012 self-titled record like everyone else, but it just didn’t resonate for me. I was bummed because I did like his 2008 record, cheekily-titled Was Dead (and it might just be because that song “Sun Medallion” is so fucking good). Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah.

So King Tuff (real name Kyle Thomas) has another record in the pipeline and it’s set to drop in less than two weeks. I heard the first single, “Eyes of the Muse”, in passing, but I wasn’t impressed enough by it to post about it. However, I got a copy of the full album the other day and still decided to give it a listen. While I’m still trying to make up my mind about whether I like the album as a whole, there is one thing I have made up my mind about: the eponymous opening track is fucking killer. “Black Moon Spell” has a hypnotic heavy rhythm, a past-midnight feel, and a choir at the end for nice touch.. While the rest of the album has its choice cuts (“Demon From Hell,” and “Radiation” come to mind), I really wish the whole thing was more like this.

If you’re curious, you can give the track a listen below or listen to the whole album over at NPR HERE. I’ll throw in “Sun Medallion” as well because I’ve talked about it enough on here to make me want to give it another listen too. King Tuff is due to perform at the Mercy Lounge on October 1st. Since I’ve never seen him live before, I guess I’ll pay my dues then so if you want to buy me a drink or punch me in the face, you know where I’ll be.

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