Listen: Goat’s Phenomenal New Album, Commune

While the term “psych rock” is being passed around more than VD at a frat house, there are still a few bands out there that can carry the tag without the burden (or burning). Straight out of somewhere strange in Sweden comes Goat, a band that deserves the tag. I had heard of the band before, but like most bands I hear about, I didn’t get the urge to check them out until I heard some rave reviews from trusted sources (Anton Newcombe and John Robb to be exact). So I gave Commune, their newest album, a listen.

To be honest, the first time I listened to the record all the way through, I wasn’t feeling it. At all. I chalked this bias up to the fact that I had heard this described as a psych record and what I was hearing sounded more like a jam band (probably the only thing that gets a worse rep nowadays than the term ‘psych rock’).  Recognizing that bias later, I decided to give it another chance. The second time through, it clicked. Knowing what to expect, I was drawn into the ritualistic beats, the female singer’s hypnotic voice, and the wah-ed out guitar riffs. In the time since, I’ve become so enamored by this record that I’ve listened to it straight through about six more times sense. It’s that fucking addicting.

You can hear the whole thing for yourself on by clicking HERE. If you want my choice cuts, check them out below. Commune is out Sept 23 via Sub Pop and Rocket Recordings.

Goat Child – Goat

Talk to God – Goat

Words – Goat

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