Introducing The Slovaks

Anyone who knows great music knows that Manchester, England has quite a fucking roster itself. The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Joy Division, Oasis, etc, etc. The working class city has put out a lot of bands that have made impacts not just on English music, but music as a whole.

Enter the Slovaks.

The Slovaks are a three piece self-described garage rock band hailing from across the pond. As for some background, here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Adam Saylaby, Luke Allen and Luke Barton of The Slovaks met many years ago but only formed the band officially back in 2012. They chose the Slovaks as their name as a tribute to Hillel Slovak, the first guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Using songs written by Saylaby, they set out to make noisy, melodic and energetic garage rock music, drawing influences from many great bands such as the Velvet Underground and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, but mainly the respected and ever growing music scene of Nashville, TN.

Saylaby and Barton met many years ago back in 2006 when they found themselves on the same film course at Manchester Metropolitan. They instantly bonded over a mutual love of music and film, and it wasn’t long before they were living together and playing in a band called Cafe Bizarre. Allen came into the fray when he bumped into Saylaby in a nightclub toilet and told him that he looked like the singer of Foals. “You heard of a band called Cage The Elephant?” was Saylaby’s reply.

And that was that. They fast became best friends, drinking and partying their way through their university courses, forging a brotherly connection and establishing the foundation that would one day become the Slovaks.

To this day, the band has released three EPs, with their offering being titled Jack. Recording of the EP wrapped last month and the tracks are currently available for streaming on SoundCloud.

So what do they sound like? Tracks like “Eastern Bloc Buddies” and “P is for Persian” remind me of Blur on a good day (that is, if Graham Coxon had more control and kept a leash on that silly cunt Damon Albarn), while “Nashville Baby!” is loaded with bomb-blasted guitar riffs & throbbing punk basslines, and “Retro(spect),” well, just sounds fucking cool. Despite billing themselves as mainly garage rock, they do have a lot of pop tendencies that help make their songs like “Meditate” all the more catchy.

Yes, the band is still young, but judging from this EP and the one they’ve released last year, the songwriting has become more dynamic and shows promise that they could become a great band. Hear it for yourselves below. For more updates, you can check out their official website HERE along with their Facebook page HERE.

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