Review: Iceage – Plowing Into the Field of Love

In truth, I got goaded into giving this album a listen because I heard someone say it was “the best Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds record in years.” Now, that’s a pretty bold statement to make, not only because Cave’s last LP Push the Sky Away was a career high, but also, because who can pull off Nick Cave better than Nick Cave? Imitation may be flattering, but most of the time, it’s just shit, isn’t it? But nonetheless, I decided to challenge the claim and see if it was bullshit or not.

To answer the question, no, it is not the best album Nick Cave has done in years, BUT….it is probably the best album he hasn’t done in years. In essence, these Denmark post punks have crafted something here that is truly special. This album walks the thin line between brooding and tragically beautiful and the end result is a lot of things: it’s pulverizing, yet tender – uplifting, yet moody – swinging yet steady. It’s an intense record that might scare some people but take it from me: those people are pussies and you don’t need them anyways.

Seriously though, this album conjures up something that’s like if the Birthday Party and the Gun Club had an illegitimate bastard son and because of that, it’s got it’s mood swings as exemplified by the transition of the first two tracks; from the cataclysmic confrontation that is the opening track “On My Fingers,” to the uplifting and swinging rockabilly-ness of “The Lord’s Favorite,” each track is loaded in some way. It’ll either give you a hug, make you nod along, or get up in your face and scream bloody murder. Like I said, it’s an intense ride with an outlaw/outsider feel that only aids in its appeal.

But I’ve talked enough and if you haven’t heard a single cut from the album, chances are that you have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about. If that’s the case, then you’ve just got to hear the album for yourself and make up your own mind. You can hear the full thing on Spotify or if you still need some more convincing, here are a couple of videos I found out online (my personal favorite, “Abundant Living” isn’t there but it’s available on Spotify). Personally, I’ve listened to the album about 9 times now since I got it a mere three days ago. Yeah, it’s THAT good. Don’t sleep on it.

The Lord’s Favorite – Iceage

How Many – Iceage

Forever – Iceage

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