Mini Mansions Drop New Single “Death Is a Girl,” New LP In 2015

Wow, has it really been almost five years since Mini Mansions dropped their debut LP? I don’t think enough people picked up on it at the time, but then again, those that didn’t are kind of like the chumps that actually paid to get into Woodstock: missing out. Well, it seems strange to me at least, considering that I’ve been revisiting the album on an almost yearly basis. Hell, I almost sold it back in 2012 when I was desperate for rent/drug money, but after I gave it another listen, I realized how dumb that would have been. Best non-decision I ever made.

With Queens of the Stone Age ending their year-and-a-half long tour cycle on Halloween, it looks like bassist Michael Shuman isn’t taking much of a break. His second band has just announced that they have finished their sophomore LP, tentatively titled The Great Pretenders, and it’s due in 2015. Better yet, the band is giving us a taste of what’s to come in the form of a new single.

“Death Is A Girl” is the new number with a steady beat. If the last record showcased how well the band blends their Revolver-era Beatles, Beach Boys and Elliott Smith influences into something that’s truly unique and trippy, then this song continues that trend, but adds in a splash of early Depeche Mode styled synths for an extra kick. It’s haunting, slightly menacing, catchy, and with lines like “Death is a girl and she’s only one dance away,” fucking cool.

Side b has the cover “Sherlock Holmes.” I was indifferent to it when I heard it at the last live sessions they performed, but the studio version has its charm and is growing on me.

You can hear both tracks below and peep the tour dates (I’m eyeing that Atlanta date…). If you want to preorder the single, click HERE.

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