Review: Bad Cop – Wish You Well…and Goodbye EP

Bad Cop are a band that the local scene loves to hate. Given, I’m biased because I am friends with them and all, but still, it does seem like there is a unfair stigma against them around these parts. Sure, they shoot off their mouths every once in a while, but I think that when you start expecting your rock ‘n’ roll to be 100% PC and friendly, then you’ve killed it.

Which brings us to the band’s latest offering, the three-track EP, Wish You Well….and Goodbye. Acknowledging that they used to be infamous shit-kickers, this latest effort seems to be the band trying to bring the focus back to the music. And they’ve got a small but good collection of songs to back it up. Things get locked into fifth gear from the opening track “Wish You Well” and the band doesn’t slow down from there as it blazes through “Shotgun” with precision all the way through to “Get You High.” Though this short preview of what’s to come, the band shows that they are tighter as a unit, but still maintain that manic gusto that no other band in Nashville can match.

You can download the EP for free via Jeffery Drag Records by clicking the link below. From what they tell me, this EP will be followed by another before the band releases their long-awaited sophomore LP, but I’m sure we’ll hear more on that later. Til then, they’re hitting the road with Penicillin Baby. Check those dates below.

Download the Wish You Well…and Goodbye EP HERE

11/1/14- Bowling Green, KY. Tidball’s
11/6/14- Springfield, MO. College Street Bar & Arcade
11/7/14- Kansas City, MO. The Riot Room.
11/10/14-Chicago, IL. The Burlington Bar.

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