Kanye West Releases “All Day,” His First Killer Song Since Yeezus

If you’re a Kanye West fan, you’re pretty much always on defense nowadays. There’s a lot of factors at play here but I’ll ignore all the celebrity Kanye stuff and say this: if you haven’t learned to expect this kind of behavior from him yet, then who’s really at fault here? No, I’m strictly talking about his musical output. While Yeezus is still fucking incredible, much of what he’s released since hasn’t been up to par. I don’t mind “Only One,” but everything else has been pretty boring. I still haven’t made it through “FourFiveSeconds” because it sounds like Macca covering John Mayer  while “Wolves” starts off okay but doesn’t hold my attention.

I’m kind of used to this though. My theory is this: Kanye always puts out a great album, and then, because he’s still riding the buzz of said album, follows it up with a mediocre one. This is pretty much applicable to his catalog starting with Graduation. If ya need a breakdown:

Graduation (great)
808’s and Heartbreaks (mediocre)
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (great)
Watch the Throne (mediocre)
Yeezus (phenomenal)

What can I say? I think Kanye is best when he’s got something to prove. So with this theory of mine in mind, I expected this new release to be pretty mediocre and with the tracks that have been leaked, I’d say it still holds up.

But then Kanye pulls a true Kanye and performs a killer track called “All Day” to those limey Brits across the pond. How nervous do you think those cockney bastards were when Yeezy brought flame throwers to their party? Hell, Sam Smith looked scared shitless…almost as scared as if Tom Petty’s lawyer was about to call him again.

Will this record be great? I don’t know. The odds haven’t evened out in his favor yet, but then again, that’s when Yeezy does best. Til then, listen to the track below.

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