Listen to the Lost River Soundtrack

Ryan Gosling gets a lot of shit for being a pretty boy, but I was still willing to give his film Lost River a chance. This was mainly because I was a fan of his recent work (A Place Beyond the Pines, Drive, Only God Forgives) and since he’s been spending time with Refn and Malick, I wanted to see if their influence rubbed off on him. However, while the film itself wasn’t bad, I agree with the general critical consensus – it felt like Gosling was never ready to step out of his influences and instead, relied too heavily on them. It could have been a much better film had he just allowed himself to be able to do what he wanted instead of using Lynch, Malick, and Refn’s techniques as his crutch. Then again, I guess it is his first film so we’ll just have to wait and see if he outgrew this.

Anyways, this is not a movie review site, so I’ll cut to the chase. While the movie was lackluster, the one thing that really kept me watching was the soundtrack. Scored by Johnny Jewel of the Chromatics, the soundtrack is a lot of parts dreamy, creepy, warm, and (depending when you listen to it) heart wrenching. It’s a great LP to soundscape a night drive and even includes a track with Australian actor/all-around-badass Ben Mendelsohn singing. Dude sounds JUST like Nick Cave and it’s pretty cool.

You can give the soundtrack a listen below, as Johnny Jewel has been good enough to compile it into a YouTube playlist. Not sure when the vinyl version is coming out, but since I missed the boat on that awesome Drive LP Mondo released a few years back, I don’t know if I can afford to make the same mistake with this one again.


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