Watch Courtney Barnett Kill It at Bonnaroo

It’s real weird to think that Bonnaroo was almost two months ago, but then again, summer always flies by faster than you can say “put the beers on ice.” If you were like me and unable to go, then you missed out on one of the few non-Kendrick reasons I would have made the trip to the farm: Courtney Barnett.

I haven’t mentioned her at all on this thing and at the rate she’s been getting press, I don’t think I have to. If you haven’t heard a lick of her music, just go ahead and buy the two LPs that she has out now – you won’t regret that shit. If I had to describe her lyrics, I’d say she’s one of the wittiest songwriters out here. If I had to describe her music, I’d say it’s like Nirvana’s riff-heavy tendencies melded with Blur/Graham Coxon’s melodic urges. At times, it sounds like her and her songs could completely fall apart, but she always (and I mean ALWAYS) seems to have the talent to pick herself up and make her songs resonate.

Anyways, some good samaritan has taken the liberty of uploading her entire Bonnaroo set to YouTube, so now, you and I can both watch it and pretend we’re on the Farm….except without the lack of A/C, the obnoxious EDM kids, and the fact that we don’t have to share our weed with anyone (doesn’t that rule?). Dig in. Her tour schedule seems to be booked till the beginning of 2016, but you can bet your ass that I’ll be there if she books a Nashville gig any time soon.


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