Lera Lynn To Play Grimey’s In-Store on June 28th, Drops Video for “Shape Shifter”

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.39.54 PMInitially, I wasn’t too thrilled with Lera Lynn’s latest effort, Resistor. It’s not that I thought it sucked by any means, but after getting really stoked with the darker turn she took on the True Detective soundtrack, I was expecting something more along those lines. I wanted something that I could drink dark whiskey to while chain-smoking cigarettes in a dimly-lit bar. Is that so wrong?

What I got instead was more poppy, which threw me off a bit. After a few more listens, I settled in and began to appreciate it for the record it really is: a dark record heavily disguised with pop tendencies. Sure, the melodies and drums are lighter than anything she’s done in the past but the content is still layered in stories of betrayal, loss, and the search for solace of any kind. In that, her new tunes don’t lose the charm that her older ones had – that charm has evolved. The opening track,“Shape Shifter,” which she has dropped a video for, exemplifies this change in style pretty well. Underneath these catchy guitar hooks, Lynn sings about wanting to change (or corrupt) someone in a rather graphic manner.

Shape Shifter – Lera Lynn

While there hasn’t been word of a Nashville date, she has announced that she will be playing an intimate in-store at Grimey’s on June 28th. To say I recommend it is an understatement- after seeing her twice already, I feel like seeing her live whenever she’s within state lines is pretty goddamn mandatory. In the meantime, check out another favorite of mine off this record, “Run the Night,” below.

Run the Night – Lera Lynn


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