Vince Staples Helps Out Clams Casino on “All Nite”

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.31.47 PMI knew Vince Staples existed, but it wasn’t until the insistence of my girlfriend that I finally checked out Summertime 06. I ended up really liking it. Bravado is the steak and potatoes of every decent rapper, but what makes Staples better than most is the menacing element that’s persistence to his flow and beats. Yeah, lots of rappers and musicians in general try to act “dangerous,” but Staples feels more authentic, especially when you realize how smart the dude is (and funny).

Staples recently contributed his ominous flow to Clams Casino’s “All Nite,” for which a video was just dropped. As expected, the only thing more hypnotic than the impressive time-lapse style of the video is Staples’ verses themselves. Push play below and see for yourself. Staples is  expected to drop a new EP, Prima Donna, sometime this summer while Clams Casino’s LP, 32 Levels, drops July 15th.

All Nite – Clams Casino ft. Vince Staples


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