STREAM: The Neon Demon Soundtrack

Anyone familiar with any of Nicolas Winding Refn’s work outside of Drive will know that his movies aren’t for the weak stomached. He’s gotten some flack for this – whether it’s the incestous overtones in Only God Forgives or the cannibal/necrophilia tendencies of his latest, The Neon Demon, people either love his movies or fucking despise them. I fall into the former camp. In the current artistic environment (particularly the film industry), if you don’t play nice and tailor your output to meet a favorable reaction, you get shit on and shit out. Refn takes his chances and often flirts with career suicide. The result of his audacity: whether you love or hate his movies, you’ll have a hard time forgetting them. I can’t help but admire his panache and I’m generally glad he’s out there doing his thing.

Regardless of whether you like his movies or not, you’d have a harder time trying to tear down his musical taste. Aside from Valhalla Rising, every soundtrack he’s done since Bronson has been impeccable. The Neon Demon continues this winning streak. Refn once again teams up with Cliff Martinez, who he collaborated on Drive and Only God Forgives with, and once again, successfully creates a score that’s pulsating, haunting, and ultimately, integral to the film. If Refn is the film’s brain and eyes, then Martinez score is definitely the heartbeat. If you want to hear for yourself, check out the score in full below. You can order the sick looking record over HERE. The Neon Demon is in theaters now. Obviously, it gets my seal of approval.

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