Parquet Courts Drop Video for “Human Performance”


I fucked up. If there’s one truth I can say I’ve definitely learned in my 26 odd years on this planet, it’s this: if there’s a good show going on and I have the means to go, I will always regret it if I don’t. I say this because I’m sitting here, listening to Parquet Courts’ excellent new album, Human Performance, and of course, really regretting that I did not make their show back in May. I even had tickets for fuck’s sake, but I didn’t go because I was too worn out. In the short run, it made sense, but in hindsight, fuck it. You can always catch up on sleep. Or lose more later.

Anyways, it wasn’t until this album that I started paying attention to this band. The one track I can’t seem to shake is the title track. The swelling synth solo and the contemplative lyrics make it a perfect song to get caught in a daydream daze to. Also, if I’m being unflinchingly honest, it’s a great track to have sex to. Roll your eyes and stick out your tongue all you want, but until you’ve tried it….

The music video kind of kills the latter vibe with the creepy puppets angle they’ve gone with. It does look pretty cool though. Give it a watch below. Human Performance is out now. Pick it up and for the love of fuck, go to their show.

Human Performance – Parquet Courts

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