Why The Fuck Aren’t You Listening to the Icarus Line?


It’s a simple question really. During my extended hiatus, LA’s the Icarus Line dropped their latest and possibly greatest record yet. All Things Under Heaven clocks in at just under an hour and fifteen minutes and is the sonic equivalent of a stray dog that struts, fucks, and bites its way out of our tepid society. I’m not the only one who noticed it, but outside of a number of critics in England and their usual fanbase, the record was devastatingly underplayed and almost unnoticed. Not that this is news for the band, but still….how the fuck can a band that puts out this many great albums be so ignored? Sure, in twenty years, they’ll probably be regarded as the Stooges of our time, but does the music community at large want to make that massive mistake again?

You want proof? Take my favorite track on the record, “Incinerator Blue.” In a span of twelve minutes, it captures the sound of stumbling out of the junkyard, and gaining its sense of fucked up swagger that simply can’t be matched by imitators or false prophets. This is real, scorched-earth rock n roll, kids. Gritty, sordid, and as un-ignorable as riot fires.

Incinerator Blue – the Icarus Line

All Things Under Heaven is available for purchase HERE or can be heard in full on Spotify. Check out my other favorite track on the record, “Solar Plexus,” and then get the fuck in.

Solar Plexus – the Icarus Line

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