Atlanta’s OMNI caught my ear based on two facts: 1) they were founded by an ex-member of Deerhunter and 2) they did some impeccable covers of the Boys Next Door and Alice Cooper over at Aquarium Drunkard a week ago. Now you might be saying “who gives a shit about covers? They’re not original songs,” and normally, I’d agree with you. But after hearing a proverbial shit ton of covers that range from horrible to just plain vanilla, hearing Omni cover Nick Cave and Alice Cooper with robust energy made me have a good feeling about the band as a whole. So I reached out to their PR and snagged myself an advanced copy of the record.

Production-wise, this album reminds me a lot of some of the earlier lo-fi sound that Deerhunter’s Weird Era Cont. ran with. The sound of the guitar licks give off this vibe, which is interesting considering the fact that Frankie Broyles didn’t join Deerhunter until 4 years after that record. However, this album is advertised as post-punk and rightfully so. From the punchy tracks like “Afterlife” and “Wednesday Wedding,” to the melody-sweeping songs like “Eyes on the Floor” and “Plane”, the album definitely fits that mold in a legitimate way and not just in some way to meet a trend.

Out of all the tracks, the one I can replay/rant about the most is “Wire.” The laid back melodies that suddenly morph into sunny riffs and tales of sipping champagne in the sand are addictive and sure to set off almost as many synapses in your brain as a bump of good speed. It’s a gem, ladies and gentlemen. A hit if I’ve ever heard one (and I have) and something that definitely makes this debut even stronger.

You can stream the entire thing over HERE or hear two of my favorite tracks off of this puppy below. Deluxe is out on July 8th. The band is set to play the End in Nashville on August 15th. I’ll fucking be there.

Afterlife – OMNI

Wire – OMNI

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