Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve Drop “Black Crow” Single

3113A record I’ve been really digging for the past two months comes from a band with a funny name. Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve is based out of London and despite being a band for almost a decade, they just released their debut album The Soft Bounce this past summer. They’ve been kicking up a storm across the pond for a few years now, but even the ashes from that storm haven’t reached here yet. In fact, the only way I heard of them was through the great Alan McGee and a Rough Trade magazine I got when I was visiting New York three months ago. The Soft Bounce is not your typical psychedelic record, at least by today’s watered down standards. At first, I didn’t know what to make of the record but with each listen, I began to dig the little intricacies of each song. Years of remixing has made them able to mash up 60’s psychedelia and 80’s/90’s acid house with such seasoned dexterity, it’s fucking amazing. They end up making a unique sound, a believer out of me, and a record that is, without a doubt, one of the best I’ve heard this year (and it’s been a very good year).

Today, they announced that they are making the album track “Black Crow” their next single with a new remix of it titled “White Crow.” With it’s huge orchestra sound, “Black Crow” was already one of my favorite tracks off their debut, but I think “White Crow” vastly overshadows it. The minimalist synth approach fits the song’s contents better and gives the vocals more weight and power. Take notes you generation of keyboard trigger-happy pricks: a good remix does not need to be over-layered. The old proverb “less is more” is still great to follow.

Anyways, the single is amazing and available for order HERE. Their debut album, The Soft Bounce, deserves equal attention and is available everywhere. I wouldn’t hold your breath about seeing these guys live in the US but dreams are free, right?

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