Chromatics Drop Two New Bangers, No Release Date for New LP

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-8-57-22-pmSome of my friends tell me that if you’ve heard one Chromatics’ song, you’ve heard them all. If I’m being totally honest, they might not be THAT far off. Still, I don’t know exactly what it is, but Johnny Jewel’s electro-pop-with-bite act has always struck a nerve with me. I can listen to them nonstop for a few days and not get sick of the synth lines or the electronic beats that go off like steady strobe lights. It’s fucking hypnotic. Thankfully, Italians Do It Better (the band’s label) has all of their albums available online for $1 a piece. Yeah, not $1 a song – $1 for a whole fucking album! Also, if you do end up buying records on there, you’re always in for a surprise. I ordered the Drive compilation that they had on there for $17 and they sent me two additional records and posters along with it. Fuck Third Man Records – Italians Do It Better knows how to treat their fans A LOT better.

Which is what makes the wait for Chromatics’ new record, Dear Tommy, particularly suck. I’ve burnt through all the old material I can and I’m ready for more…..but the band isn’t copping. They’ve relentlessly teased a new album for almost 2 years now. Sure, we’ll get a song here or there, but we haven’t gotten a specific release date in over two years. The wait becomes even more excruciating with the two songs they’ve dropped over the past two months. The title track, “Dear Tommy” and another track “Magazine,” (from a new film called Home) sound like some of the best work the band has done yet. I already had high hopes…now they’re past the fucking stratosphere.

Give a listen to the tracks below. And then sit and wait with me. Hopefully, it won’t be too long now.

Dear Tommy – Chromatics

Magazine – Chromatics

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