Gimme Danger – The Story of the Stooges Coming to the Belcourt November 4th

gimme-dangerWhat can I say about the Stooges that hasn’t already been lionized? Not only were they the first and best punk band, but they may have just been the most dangerous band ever. Their first three records – and we’ll forget the other records that fell under the Stooges’ name afterwards because they missed the mark too much to even be canon – were trailblazing. Their hip-shaking riffs and Iggy’s all-or-nothing demeanor oozed apocalyptic sex and primal lonerism. The carnality of it all seeped out to the point that if you lit a match, the whole house would go up in flames. They scorched the earth so that most of your favorite bands could follow afterwards.

But anyone who knows even some of the Stooges’ story knows that they didn’t start getting their dues until recent years. Now, it seems like film aficionado/general weirdo Jim Jarmusch is going to try and give them more credit before Iggy joins Bowie, Reed, and Lemmy in Valhalla. According to early reviews, Jarmusch’s documentary Gimme Danger paints the band the way they’re meant to be seen: as the Gods we never properly worshipped but all benefited from. Judging from the trailer, it looks like it’ll dig deep, even touching on Iggy’s Bowie years.

I’m in and if you’re willing to get the fuck in too, the documentary will be shown at the Belcourt on November 4th. No word on showtimes just yet, but given that the screening is less than a month away, we’ll know soon. Until then, if you haven’t picked up Iggy’s latest, Post Pop Depression, I highly recommend it. Or you can just listen to Fun House, their best record on repeat. In fact, just do that. It’s all you really need.

American Valhalla – Iggy Pop

Fun House – the Stooges

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