Marching Church Releases Excellent New Record “Telling It Like It Is”, Come To Nashville In January

10-28-marching-church-albumWhat originally drew me to Iceage is what made Marching Church a tougher pill to ingest. In all honesty, the only Iceage record I really dug was their latest, Plowing Through the Field of Love. But why shouldn’t I? It’s an excellent fucking record that manages to mix the punch-drunk punk sound of the Birthday Party with the sometimes delicateness yet defiant nature of the Gun Club. Despite these comparisons, the band didn’t seem like they were mimicking it at all. From Iceage, this music sounded authentic and like true pros at splicing-and-dicing, practically brand new. Plowing Through the Field of Love still resonates with me more than many other records I’ve heard since and because of this, I can say with ease that it’s one of my favorite records of the past 10 years.

My attachment to that record and its sound is what made Elias Rønnenfelt’s other band, Marching Church, a bit tougher to get into. Their 2015 effort, This World Is Not Enough, was more jazz oriented than I was ready for. Because of this, it didn’t hold my interest because I didn’t hear songs – I heard half-finished ideas. Then they put out another “record” after this that was basically a bunch of improvisation done in the studio. I took a hard pass on that.

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through some emails I hadn’t deleted and came across a still for the video for “Lion’s Den.” The video, with it’s somewhat schizophrenic editing, caught my eye while the song’s rhythm stuck with me after. The song takes a more seductive turn than I was expecting with Elias crooning in falsetto over a grooving bassline that is bound to incite some nocturnal rhythms.

Lion’s Den – Marching Church

It was enough to make me want to hear the rest of the album, which turned out to be fantastic. Iceage fucked around with horns and strings on their last album and it resulted in my favorite songs on that record (“Forever” and “Against the Moon”). Given Marching Band’s jazz origins, it feels like they’ve had more room to fuck around with this sound and in a way, hone and mature this new atmosphere (new for them, at least). The resulting sound is melodically balanced but mixed with a touch of metropolitan mania – the whole thing feels like it can almost fall apart if the breeze blows in the wrong direction, which is probably why it’s so addicting to listen to. The crash never comes, but it’s fun to keep watching.

2016 – Marching Church

All in all, Telling It Like It Is is a solid album and a contender for one of the best of the year. The band has announced an extensive tour that they’ll undergo next year. Against our usual odds, they’re stopping into Nashville at Third Man Records. Tickets are stupid cheap ($10) and probably worth it. Hopefully Third Man won’t botch the recording of this show like they did with the Death From Above 1979 record. You can buy tickets for that show HERE and the record right HERE.

Inner City Pigeon – Marching Church

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