Nathan Williams (AKA Wavves) Appears on the Therapist


When I first started doing this thing on a more consistent basis, Wavves was someone who I used to write a lot about. I haven’t in years because after a while, it felt like I had outgrown his music. I never had anything against him (aside from going on tour with Blink 182…c’mon dude), but after sophomore/junior year of college, there just wasn’t much to relate to in terms of his music.

Last Monday, Viceland’s the Therapist aired an episode in which Nathan Williams appeared. I was intrigued because it was the first time he had publicly discussed his past heroin addiction (I know, me being intrigued by drug use….who’d have thought?). I came for that moment, but ended up watching the whole episode. In it, Nathan discusses feeling as if he’s two people (Wavves and Nathan), how religion crept into his music, and a host of other topics that I felt were really intriguing. I suppose this is the first time that I’ve felt like I related to Nathan/Wavves in over five years. It’s a stimulating conversation and shows that I probably should start watching this show more often. I’ll probably hold off on listening to more of Wavves’ music, but I give him huge props for being able to bear his soul like that. You can see for yourself below.

One Response to “Nathan Williams (AKA Wavves) Appears on the Therapist”
  1. TexasPete says:

    Write more articles Jordan. You’re a great writer.

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