Tim Darcy Kills It On NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

timdarcy_mcarrasqueroMy introduction to Tim Darcy was his recent concert on NPR’s Tiny Desk. Before, I had only heard his name in passing as he was the supporting act for a leg of Angel Olsen’s past tour. The description of the Tiny Desk Concert caught my eye because they painted him as a Lou Reed meets Roy Orbison type of musician. Skeptical but intrigued, I decided to give the 13 minute concert gig a watch.

Within the first few seconds of the gig, Darcy’s voice stuck out to me. It had this genuine feel to it – the depth of which was matched perfectly by his lyrics and chorused guitar. The dude has a natural harmony to him. Of the four tracks that he played, “the Sledgehammer and the Rose” struck the more definitive chord with me. The build up of the song brought to mind shades of AA Bondy, Glen Campbell, Nick Drake, and Howl-era Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It’s the type of song that makes you a fan of an artist almost instantaneously.

I reached out to his PR firm after to get a copy of his debut, Saturday Night. After a few listens, I can confirm that it’s a pretty solid debut. My only critiques would be that it lingers a bit too long at the end and unfortunately does not include “the Sledgehammer and the Rose.” If the track is newer, then it’s a good indication that Darcy is already sculpting better tunes and will undoubtably be someone to watch. You can give the Tiny Desk Concert a watch below and pick up Saturday Night wherever records are sold. Darcy has some tour dates but none of them are anywhere near Nashville. Fingers crossed that an upcoming announcement changes that.

One Response to “Tim Darcy Kills It On NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert”
  1. crankypants says:

    I hear a little Jeff Buckley influence too, at least in the 2nd song

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