Cigarettes After Sex Release Their Excellent Self-Titled Debut

cigarettes-after-sex-2017-cr-ebru-yildiz-billboard-1548Ever since it came out 3 years ago, I’ve been slightly obsessed with the soundtrack to the film the Guest. The film itself is great as well (and one I would have added to my best of list in 2014 if I had been more on the ball), but one of the reasons I think it has such a lasting impression is that it is brilliantly soundtracked. When my friend Nick came up to me a few months ago and said that there was a song that would have fit right in on the soundtrack, I obviously wasn’t going to let that be passed up. The song itself was “Nothing’s Going to Hurt You Baby” by a band with the innocuous name Cigarettes After Sex.

Nothing’s Going to Hurt You Baby – Cigarettes After Sex

Needless to say, I dug it. There was a certain fragility to the song that almost feels duplicitous. It could be used as a song to comfort or a song to twist the knife. I liked that it couldn’t be comfortably pinned down as neither.

Until a few weeks ago, the band had not released a full length record. I reached out to their publicist to get a copy. The album plays out like waking up from a syrupy dream and walking through a busy city in slow motion. Though “Nothing’s Going to Hurt You Baby” doesn’t appear on the album, some might argue that the album itself is basically an extended take on of the song. If you like the song like I do, then that’s fine. If you’re less keen on it, you may find it too redundant.

Their self-titled album is available wherever albums are sold. The band is on tour currently, but none of the tour dates include Nashville. You can peak the tour dates on their official site HERE and stream a few of my favorite cuts from the album below.

Each Time You Fall in Love – Cigarettes After Sex

Sweet – Cigarettes After Sex


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