The South Will Never Rise Again – Des Demonas

I used to think that songs said things that you wanted to say. I’ve come to realize that that’s only half-true. Songs don’t just say what you want to say – they say it how you want to say it.

It may be why I haven’t felt compelled to write anything about music in a while. It’s not that there’s been a drought in good music. I can list off a number of great releases that have been released within the past 12 months that have made the hair on the back of my neck stick up (in a good way). However, today I found a track that not only made me want to listen, but write as well.

Des Demonas are based out of D.C. They formed in 2016 and just put out their self-titled LP last year on In the Red Records. By sheer luck, the opening track came up on my Spotify today. Having been surrounded by racist, bigoted Southerners for most of my life, “The South Will Never Rise Again” is the mantra I’ve been missing for the past 27 years. The spitfire lyrics, the driving rhythm, and consistent cowbell all speak to my inherent dislike of not just the bigotry I’ve seen in this region of the country, but the complacency that these “proud Americans” disguise as “tradition” and wallow in. They splash it on anyone within earshot and think that just because you stand on the same ground that they do, that you should agree with their stupid ass shit.

“The South Will Never Rise Again” not only articulated that feeling in another way, but also put a hypnotic tune behind it. The only thing more fluid than the song itself was how quickly I went on to the In the Red Records site and ordered the LP after just hearing that one track. It made too much sense for me not to. Give it a listen below. Buy the record over on In the Red Records’ website and hope that they decide to make the drive one day to Nashville.

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