Iceage Is Still the Only Band That Matters Right Now

My introduction to Iceage was their excellent 2014 album, Plowing Through the Field of Love. I once credited the fact that 2014 was so slow (it was the first year I hadn’t released a “best of” list for music after doing so consecutively for four years straight) as the reason that the album had truly stuck out, but given that I still listen to it today, that seems short-sighted. There are many reasons why that album has staying power – it’s full of escapist desires, realizations of young delusion, defiance, and above all, a sense of urgency.

Maybe I’m projecting. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. But as Miles Davis (or was it John Coltrane?) says, “jazz doesn’t tell you a story – it tells you YOUR story.” And like a critical storm, Plowing Through the Field of Love did the damage and changed the layout of my land even after the relief efforts cleaned up the area. It is easily my favorite record of the past decade as a result.

But that might be about to change.

After a four year lapse, the band is back with new material for a new record called Beyondless. In the build up to the May 4th release date, the band has let a few tracks here and there out into the wild. Almost every one of them has been on constant replay until the next one is released. Like Plowing, each track is drenched in a sense of poetic urgency that is best summed up in the hook of the lead single “Catch It” – come make it real.

But maybe I’ve projected enough for one post. Maybe I should just let you decide. Below are all of the singles the band has released so far. The band will be in Nashville at the Mercy Lounge on May 21st. If you need reason to catch the show, check out their arresting performance on Pitchfork’s Juan’s Basement below as well. You can preorder Beyondless HERE.

Catch It – Iceage

The Day the Music Dies – Iceage

Painkiller – Iceage

Juan’s Basement Live – Iceage

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