Tim Darcy Kills It On NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

My introduction to Tim Darcy was his recent concert on NPR’s Tiny Desk. Before, I had only heard his name in passing as he was the supporting act for a leg of Angel Olsen’s past tour. The description of the Tiny Desk Concert caught my eye because they painted him as a Lou Reed meets … Continue reading

Lera Lynn To Play Grimey’s In-Store on June 28th, Drops Video for “Shape Shifter”

Initially, I wasn’t too thrilled with Lera Lynn’s latest effort, Resistor. It’s not that I thought it sucked by any means, but after getting really stoked with the darker turn she took on the True Detective soundtrack, I was expecting something more along those lines. I wanted something that I could drink dark whiskey to … Continue reading

Organ Stills and Ttotals at The East Room Tonight

Sorry if this post is real short, but I’m running late for work as is. Afterwards though, you’ll probably find me at the East Room for what looks like the best show in town tonight. If you haven’t heard Organ Stills yet, you’re fucking up. They might not be play Shy Guy tunes anymore but … Continue reading

Lera Lynn of True Detective Is Coming to Nashville October 17th

The second season of True Detective caught a lot of flak, but personally, I enjoyed it in all of its gritty and cynical glory. I could go on and on, but then I’m sure that debate will never stop. But no matter what you thought of this season, there are two indisputable facts about it: … Continue reading

REVIEW: Twin Peaks, Tweens, & Penicillin Baby at the Stone Fox

After the disappointment that was the Olivia Jean show at Grimey’s, I needed some actual rock n roll to revitalize my faith in the genre. Luckily, the main event of the night was already set in motion: the youngin’s from Chicago known as Twin Peaks had just pulled into town along with those other youngin’s … Continue reading

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