Iceage Is Still the Only Band That Matters Right Now

My introduction to Iceage was their excellent 2014 album, Plowing Through the Field of Love. I once credited the fact that 2014 was so slow (it was the first year I hadn’t released a “best of” list for music after doing so consecutively for four years straight) as the reason that the album had truly … Continue reading

The South Will Never Rise Again – Des Demonas

I used to think that songs said things that you wanted to say. I’ve come to realize that that’s only half-true. Songs don’t just say what you want to say – they say it how you want to say it. It may be why I haven’t felt compelled to write anything about music in a … Continue reading

Queens of the Stone Age Come Back Swinging with “The Way You Used To Do”

In terms of rock n roll bands, I consider Queens of the Stone Age to be one of my first loves. Around the time that I started to get in to them when I was a teenager, they already had an impressive discography for me to dive into. They had tracks that were fast, razor-blade … Continue reading

Ride Comes Back with a Good (but not Great) Record

It’s 2017. Considering that hoverboards aren’t a thing (and what is passing off as them is total bullshit) and we have an orange haired man-child running the country, you wouldn’t be unwise to lower your expectations. Living through a number of lackluster band reunions has prepared me for this. For American bands, this especially rings … Continue reading

Radiohead Put Out Something Great for the First Time in Nearly 10 Years

“Holy shit, this is a lovely track” was not something I thought I’d say about Radiohead in this decade and yet I’ve said it twice today. Aside from last year’s “Burn the Witch,” I haven’t liked anything the band has done in the 10 years since In Rainbows. In fact, some of the shit they’ve … Continue reading

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