Top 5 Stoned Interviews

We know “drugs are bad” and all of that jazz, but they’ve definitely provided some interesting material. Some people either make asses of themselves or create something really cool. While I enjoy the latter the most, the former can make for some blunt grade-A entertainment. So here’s a couple of them I thought were worth … Continue reading

Interview: Jonas Stein of Turbo Fruits

So far, Jonas Stein has led anything but a boring life. While most kids his age were just getting their licenses, Stein was driving a van across the country with his previous band, Be Your Own Pet. Now at 23, Stein still seems ahead of the curve. When he’s not touring himself to death with … Continue reading

Interview: The Growlers

If you weren’t at the End of the World Party last Saturday, you blew it. A good time was had by all and all of the bands (aside from Brandon Jazz, what the fuck was that?) KILLED it. Like I said earlier, the Growlers agreed to do an interview before they went on stage. After … Continue reading

Interview: Brooks Nielsen of The Growlers

I know I’ve been writing about that Growlers show coming up a lot lately, but since Saturday is the show, it’s hard for me not to be stoked. The band’s basically playing the best End of the World party in Tennessee and for the lack of a better phrase, shit’s gonna get fucked up. They’ve … Continue reading

Sleeper Agent Interview

2011 has been good to Sleeper Agent so far. Having just gotten off the road with buddies Cage the Elephant and getting signed by Mom and Pop Records, the band’s making waves and starting to get their feet further off the ground. They released the track “Get It Daddy” last week on their site for … Continue reading

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