REVIEW: Olivia Jean’s Record Release Show at Grimey’s

I feel kind of sorry for Olivia Jean nowadays. Given, I thought the Black Belles sucked like everyone else with a pair of working ears, but it seems that most of the hatred directed towards her is not actually for her music, but really stems from the rumored affair that she had with Jack White … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Billy Corgan

Dear Billy Corgan, Just stop already. Sincerely, Everyone With Working Ears

An Open Letter to Wayne Coyne

Dear Wayne Coyne, We get it. You’re a weirdo. For you, it’s not enough to just let your freak flag fly; you’ve got to publicly defecate on it and burn it as well. We know this. In fact, you’ve made a career out of it the past few years with the whole “floating around in … Continue reading

Jordan Canio’s Imperfect and Incomplete Guide to Bonnaroo 2014

As everyone and their mother knows, the Bonnaroo line up was unleashed on the world about a week ago. I didn’t hold my breath for much cause I considered the last few years to have been really disappointing in regards to acts (sorry, even having the ever-badass Tom Petty and the 3rd best Beatle didn’t … Continue reading

Jordan Canio’s Incomplete and Imperfect Guide To Coachella 2014

If you missed it, the Coachella line up was announced two days ago and tickets are set to go on sale later today. While I really wanted to go last year (two Nick Cave bands, Spiritualized, Blur AND the Stone Roses were enough for me), this year’s line up is pretty underwhelming, even with the … Continue reading

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