The Pink Mountaintops Premiere New Track, Announce New LP

Despite this band being an off-shoot of Black Mountain, if you’re a fan of the Canadian riffers, you might not dig this. However, if you’re a fan of Black Mountain AND Giant Drag or Annie Hardy in general, you’ll probably love it. I had heard of the Pink Mountaintops before, but hadn’t really looked into … Continue reading

Annie Hardy and the Psychos – “The Secret World of Alex Smack (Rad Dad)”

If you didn’t catch it before, Annie Hardy is back and pissed the fuck off. Well, that’s the way it sounds in her new songs at least. After releasing Giant Drag’s excellent swan song Waking Up Is Hard To Do, she seems to now be focusing her energy into two bands: PnP (which are kinda meh … Continue reading

Annie Hardy is Back with “Unbelievable Psycho Boy”

After a few years of lying dormant, Annie Hardy is finally back and releasing brand new tunes. You might have heard of her if you’ve heard of a band called Giant Drag, who has opened for the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain and Scissor Sisters. If that isn’t ringing any bells, I don’t blame … Continue reading

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