Future Perfect – Autolux

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much as normal. School’s a demanding bitch and I’m hardly a week into it. Since there seems to be a lack of noteworthy music news going around that isn’t something I’ve covered a billion times, I figured I’d show you something cool from my music collection. If you dig … Continue reading

Tonight’s Playlist

Bored to death. Here’s what’s making it’s round on my iPod today. Pistol Grip – The Blakes Roller Coaster – Black Mountain Here Comes Everybody – Autolux Georgia Georgia – Elliott Smith Lasso – The Duke Spirit Volcano – Turbo Fruits You & I – Graham Coxon Sex Beat – The Gun Club Valium Knights … Continue reading

Where Did the Night Fall – UNKLE

That last album they did sucked. Sorry but that’s the truth. End Titles…Stories for Film was shit. There was like one good song with Josh Homme and it was just a redo of the better album War Stories. Now, that was an album. Josh Homme, Autolux, the Duke Spirit and a bunch of other great … Continue reading

Most Anticipated for 2010: Music

2009 wasn’t too bad of a year in general. Lots of cool shit happened, and a bunch of shit happened as well. But in the spirit of looking forward, here are the picks for the most anticipated of 2010 starting with music (and if I don’t get bored, movies and such later). In no particular … Continue reading

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