Review: Bad Cop – Wish You Well…and Goodbye EP

Bad Cop are a band that the local scene loves to hate. Given, I’m biased because I am friends with them and all, but still, it does seem like there is a unfair stigma against them around these parts. Sure, they shoot off their mouths every once in a while, but I think that when … Continue reading

Bad Cop Release “My Dying Days” Music Video

I’m about a month late on this one, but it is what it is. If you haven’t seen it already, Bad Cop has released their brand new video for their brand new single, “My Dying Days.” I thought for a second that this one would never come out, seeing as how they shot the video … Continue reading

Stuff N Such’s Best and Worst Records of 2013

Well, that went by quickly. While 2013 wasn’t exactly the blur that 2012 was, it was still pretty entertaining in its own way. On the plus side, Queens of the Stone Age finally put out a new record, David Bowie emerged from self-imposed exile alive, well, and (even better) with kick ass new tunes, and … Continue reading

Nashville’s Chillin’ Presents: A Holiday Stocking Stuffer with Bad Cop, Turbo Fruits, Blackfoot Gypsies, and Gunther Doug

I don’t get people who don’t dig the holidays. Why would you be so opposed to a time where you can be drunk for a month and a half and it doesn’t count as being an alcoholic? It falls under the umbrella phrase “being festive” and therefore deemed socially acceptable. Learn to enjoy it, you … Continue reading

Bad Cop and Jeffery Drag Records Are Poppin Off

If you haven’t already picked it up, then you need to go ahead and buy Bad Cop’s latest endeavor The Light On EP. It’s no secret that I’ve known these dudes for a while, but honestly, this is probably the best thing they’ve done so far. With that in mind, they’ve released another addition to the … Continue reading

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