Stuff N Such’s Best and Worst of 2012

I guess I’m a bit later on this than everyone else, but I guess if I wanted to do something more conventional (aka boring),  I’d write for No Country. Anyways, 2012 was definitely an interesting year. Shit got realer and lamer. The usual was seen, with Nicki Minaj picking fights with everyone and not realizing she’s … Continue reading

Wavves Announces New EP with Best Coast, Fucked Up

After a couple of shows and rumors of a new EP, Wavves frontman Nathan Williams finally confirmed a couple of details regarding his new EP called Life Sux, which is going to be released on September 20th. The EP is gonna include Williams’ girlfriend, Best Coast on a track called “Nodding Off” and Damian Abraham … Continue reading

Best Coast Debuts New Song, Video for “Our Deal”

Best Coast was always a one-trick pony. Don’t get me wrong, she’s had her moments and has produced some decent, catchy songs, but she can get monotonous. That’s mostly to blame on what’s made her such a favorite amongst critics: her lyrics sound like their torn out of a teenage diary. That may be cute for … Continue reading

Best Coast Debut “Gone Again”

Damn, Adult Swim has come a long way from being the weird program that came on Cartoon Network at midnight when I was like 9 or 10. With their latest campigan, Singles Program, they’re giving away free MP3s for a bunch of dorky (but a few good) bands. Plus, who doesn’t love free MP3’s? Anyways, one of … Continue reading

Best Coast Debut New Song, Recording New Album

Coachella was this past weekend. Despite the shitty acts, this year’s line up still made me want to go. It was cool that they were streaming most of the sets on youtube (and judging by Kanye’s set, dude is definitely still popping pills), but they edited a few sets. One of these sets was Best … Continue reading

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