Watch “BEYOND THE THIRD SOUND : AUSTIN PSYCH FEST 2013” For Free For One Week Only

It’s hard to believe that there’s only one week left before me and my buddy Nick ship off to Texas for Austin Psych Fest. I NEVER thought I’d say this in my life but I’m actually really excited about going to Texas for the first time. Adding further fuel to the fire is the fact … Continue reading

The Pink Mountaintops Premiere New Track, Announce New LP

Despite this band being an off-shoot of Black Mountain, if you’re a fan of the Canadian riffers, you might not dig this. However, if you’re a fan of Black Mountain AND Giant Drag or Annie Hardy in general, you’ll probably love it. I had heard of the Pink Mountaintops before, but hadn’t really looked into … Continue reading

Black Mountain and the Black Angels – Mercy Lounge – October 12th, 2010

You can’t get much more black than the Dropout Boogie. Two of the coolest bands with the word “black” touring together sounds like a match made in heaven for any fans of good music. Austin band the Black Angels has been getting more and more attention this year (they were just named Rolling Stone’s Band … Continue reading

Tonight’s Playlist

1. Nervous Breakdown – Black Flag 2. Stormy High – Black Mountain 3. The Importance of Being Idle – Oasis 4. Shuffle Your Feet- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 5. This Magic Moment – Lou Reed 6. The End – Best Coast 7. Mama’s Mad Cause I Fried My Brain – Turbo Fruits 8. Medication – … Continue reading

Concerts, Concerts, Concerts

So if it isn’t already obvious by the fact I won’t be attending class tomorrow or that I haven’t moved in, I dropped out of SLU. Yeah, that was a shitty week, but like they say, there’s always a bright side. I’ll be attending MTSU next week in Bumfuck nowhere (aka Murfreesboro). On the plus … Continue reading

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