Watch “BEYOND THE THIRD SOUND : AUSTIN PSYCH FEST 2013” For Free For One Week Only

It’s hard to believe that there’s only one week left before me and my buddy Nick ship off to Texas for Austin Psych Fest. I NEVER thought I’d say this in my life but I’m actually really excited about going to Texas for the first time. Adding further fuel to the fire is the fact … Continue reading

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Release “Some Kind of Ghost” Video

In the year since they released Specter at the Feast, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have toured, toured, toured and toured. Not that that’s not usually the course for these dudes when they release a new album, but as a result of it, I think the last batch of music videos they’ve put out have really … Continue reading

TONIGHT: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club & Bass Drum of Death at the Cannery Ballroom

Fuck all of your plans tonight. All of them. I don’t care that you have to study for a final or that you’re working til 11 PM. That shit is all trivial right now. The important thing is that tonight will probably be one of the best shows of the year. As if Black Rebel … Continue reading

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Premiere “Let the Day Begin” Video

Their new album’s been out for a bit, but Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have just now released a video for their first single off of it, “Let the Day Begin.” Personally, I think this music video is no bueno. The¬†whole “hey, let’s show synched up b-roll footage of what the singer is singing about and … Continue reading

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Release New Single, “Let the Day Begin” For Free

I knew that this was inevitable but still, all I can really say is FUCKING FINALLY! It’s been three years without new tunes from BRMC but with a new album being announced for this year and tour dates popping up (including the one I previously mentioned in Nashville, with BASS DRUM OF DEATH opening! Shit … Continue reading

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